Are You Kidding Me?

Little, Brown and Company | May 2009

The U.S. Open in June 2008 produced one of the most unexpected, dramatic, and memorable showdowns in golf history. Day after day, Rocco Mediate, a respected journeyman whose career had been dogged by injuries pushed the seemingly invincible Tiger Woods to his physical and mental limits. Not even Mediate would ever have predicted that for five days, he would match the unbeaten world number one, explosive shot for explosive shot.

The first 72 holes ended with Mediate and Woods locked in a dead heat, and an 18-hole Monday playoff was required to decide a winner. When this was still not enough to break the tie, the two men went into a sudden death round before a champion was finally crowned. Through every stage, the irrepressible Rocco rose to the ever-escalating pressure with clutch shots, grace, and humor, emerging as one of the most likable and intriguing golfers of our time.

Now, at last, Rocco Mediate tells his own story: his life on tour, the battles to stay healthy enough to play, the everyday struggles of a Tour player. It all leads up to his story of the Open, and the joy he felt as he seized the challenge he’d dreamed of and trained for his entire life. In this intimate collaboration with bestselling author John Feinstein, Rocco Mediate looks back at his life through the prism of the 2008 season and the life-changing tournament. And through interviews with Rocco’s family, friends, and other top golfers, Feinstein vividly brings to life one of the most heroic golfing battles of all time.